Data Cabling

Data Cabling

Phone line, internet cabling and satellite

DSC CONTRACTING does a very wide range of cabling, internet connections, satellite, alarm systems, plus many more.

Below is a short description on our top five popular requests:



We specialise in a rang of cables. Our popular cables are the following:

  • Fibre Optics
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6A
  • Cat 7 (now for NBN that is coming)
  • Data Cabling.
  • Phone cabling From single pair, 100 pair and more.



We can come to your place and maintain/move your phone to where you would like them. We also can put in a phone system big or small.



Need internet connection to your place and don't know how? are you having issues with current connection? Then come and give us ring and we will be happy to take care of these for you.



Do you have a satellite dish, and it just not quite right?

Stop looking and we will have the boys up there fixing/ relining it for you, till you have the perfect clear picture.

We cater for the foxtel and vast TV receptions



Is your alarm system not working, or do you need one?

Look no further, as we are trained and qualified to do all the alarm from installing to maintaining and servicing them for you.

There can be a huge range of alarms from cable alarms to wireless ( which is quite popular for hear). They can be stand alone or set up to be monitored.

Our testing on the alarms is up to you on how often you want us to do them, monthly, fortnightly, or yearly, the choice is up to you.