Valuables and Important Documentations

We take this area very serious in our company. Our Guards are highly trained to carry firearms, with training every six months.

There is no where safer to place your greatest assets and cash in transit than in our capable hands. With your daily banking, transporting cash and replenishing ATM's to 24/7 holding in a double coded locked safe that is under CCTV continually. What is PRECIOUS to you is PRICELESS to us.

No matter how complex or simple your request is, we have the experience and man power to ensure your cash and valuables in transit are very much secure. Regardless if you want us armed or unarmed.

Our armed officers have and are willing to travel to a range of places in the Kimberley region. All our client's assists are insured in our company to any value. Our guards are also very secretive about what they are doing if you want to be discreet.